New Kneading, Washing Technologies Open Door to Advanced Fiber Recycling for Tissue Industry

New approach combines latest fiber kneading, high-efficiency washing technologies KEN PATRICK Historically, washing deinking has been considered a simple and economical process that can produce only lower quality DIP (deinked pulp) with high dirt count. But today this is no longer true. A growing number of companies around the world are currently using the latest generation kneading technology, paired with ...

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Sheet Structure Process Effect on Tissue Properties

  Analysis compares TAD, UCTAD, ADT, eTAD, ATMOS, NTT processes BRUCE W. JANDAConventional pressed tissue processes are increasingly being supplanted by “structured tissue processes” for increased product performance. Through Air Drying (TAD) is the best known of these structured tissue processes. TAD has experienced a renaissance over the past decade. More than 30 percent of USA tissue capacity is now ...

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Global Survey Shows Trends in Yankee Dryer Deliveries

 Study of yankee dryers examines the number of operating cylinders, tissue manufacturing growth worldwide, as well as market changes in shell material BRIAN THOLKE To assist the TAPPI Yankee Dryer Safety & Reliability Committee in understanding issues in the tissue business, we periodically assess the global deliveries of yankee dryer cylinders, which are an integral component of tissue machines. A ...

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