Top Global Away from Home Tissue Manufacturers Report for 2019

Growing at a healthy CAGR predicted through year 2025, about one-third of the tissue market is designated as away-from-home (AfH) — in commercial and industrial settings such as office and government buildings, hotels, schools, airports, amusement parks, hospitals, highway rest stops — anywhere restroom and kitchen facilities are not in a private home reports QY Research in its recent research study release titled Global Away From Home Tissue and Hygiene Market Research Report 2019.

According to the current market data, Asia-Pacific is the third largest market for away from home tissue and hygiene products in the world after North America and Europe. Countries, like China, Australia, Singapore, and India stood as the key source of demand for these products. The high demand from the market channels, such as hospitals and healthcare units, hospitality units, food businesses, and other businesses are driving the demand for away from home tissue and hygiene products in the region.

With the historic defining trend for away from home tissue use as a segment, the highest demand is consistent in the current period to be recorded from environmental sanitation needs in restaurants, stores, public toilets etc. where hygiene products are provided widely for the customers.

The following top manufacturers are covered: Kimberly-Clark; Georgia Pacific; Procter & Gamble; SCA Hygiene; Cascades Tissue Group; Wausau Paper; Sofidel Group; Clearwater Paper; Kruger Products; Hospeco; Fujian Hengan Holding.