Toscotec and tissue industry leaders join forces at TAPPI to set guidelines for steel Yankee dryers

Toscotec and tissue industry leaders join forces at TAPPI to set guidelines for steel Yankee dryers.


Steel Yankee dryers have been operating since 2000, and in recent years, they have become the dominant trend in the tissue industry. At present, the estimated number of steel Yankee dryers in operation worldwide is almost 400 units.  


However, to this day, there aren’t any official guidelines regulating their safe operation, proper inspection and maintenance. The National Board Inspection codes for pressure vessels (such as ASME, PED, CSEI, JIS etc.) regulate the design and construction of steel Yankees, but their domain ends with the delivery. End users often demand that SYD checks and services be performed according to TAPPI’s standards, pointing to the need for an internationally recognized set of guidelines.     


In 2015, Toscotec first put forth the idea of creating an official set of standard practices for steel Yankee’s operations. TAPPI has since entrusted the Yankee Dryer Safety and Reliability Committee – Steel Yankee Subcommittee with the task of creating a new TAPPI TIP (Technical Information Paper) dedicated to Steel Yankee Dryers. In parallel, Toscotec has played a key role in helping update the TAPPI reference book Guidelines for Safe Operation and Condition Assessment of Yankee Dryers, which includes both updated contents for cast iron Yankees and steel Yankees. These publications are expected to become available in 2019.  


Toscotec North America’s Lead Technical Service Analyst, Troy Kapalczynski is Chairperson of TAPPI’s Steel YankeeSubcommittee. As he explained, “the subcommittee is composed of manufacturers and end users who collaborate to expand the knowledge of Yankee dryers and address key questions about what and how procedures should be done in order to safely operate, properly control and maintain one of the most important equipment of a tissue mill. We are working to give end users the answers they need to optimize their operations”.  


Riccardo Pierini, Toscotec’s Customer Care & Yankee Dryer Service Manager, added, “The subcommittee runs a peer-reviewed, highly specialized and technical project. Specifically for steel Yankees, we addressed issues such as inspection guidelines and principles, non-destructive examinations, routine and non-routine inspections, warm-up and cool-down procedures, and boiler water chemistry. In addition, we also developed maintenance and repair practices among other operating and reliability guidelines. These are all fundamental questions for Yankee managers worldwide”.   


As the leading supplier of steel Yankee dryers worldwide, Toscotec is the leading provider of content for TAPPI’s Steel Yankee Subcommittee. In this respect, Toscotec North America’s Area Engineering Manager, Alessandro Rocchiccioli pointed out, “We have 18 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and operation monitoring and service of steel Yankee dryers. With over 200 references, we have TT SYD running across the globe under a wide range of different environmental, pressure and operating conditions. We want to share this experience with the entire tissue industry, because the market has confirmed that steel Yankees are the future and, as an industry, we need a clear regulatory framework, as cast iron Yankees had back in 1992”.   


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拓斯克和生活用纸行业领导在 TAPPI(美国纸浆与造纸工业技术协会)共同制定钢制扬克缸标准

钢制扬克缸从 2000 年开始投入运行,在过去的几年里,其逐渐成为生活用纸行业的主导。 现在,全

球已投入运行的钢制扬克缸数量估计近 400 台。


测标准(如 ASME, PED, CSEI, JIS 等)规范了钢制扬克缸的设计和制造,但是这些规范止于发货。

终端用户经常提出钢制扬克缸的检测和服务需要根据 TAPPI 的规范,因此有必要制定一整套国际认


2015 年,拓斯克首先提出想法要制定一套官方的钢制扬克缸运行标准。故 TAPPI 从那时起委托扬克

烘缸安全和可靠性委员会钢制扬克缸分会建立一套新的 TAPPI TIP 技术信息资料专用于钢制扬克缸。

同时,在帮助更新 TAPPI 参考书

扬克烘缸安全操作和条件评估 , 包括铸铁扬克缸内容更新和钢制扬

克缸方面,拓斯克扮演了关键的角色。这些出版物预计在 2019 年上市。


拓斯克北美公司的技术服务主管 Troy Kapalczynski 是 TAPPI 钢制扬克缸分会的成员。据他解释:




拓斯克客户服务和扬克缸经理 Riccardo Pierini 补充道:“钢制扬克缸分会进行了一个同行评审、





拓斯克北美的区域工程经理 Alessandro Rocchiccioli 指出:“我们在设计、制造、运行监测和服务

钢制扬克缸方面有 18 年的经验。我们有超过 200 台业绩,我们的钢制扬克缸在全球范围内在不同的


制扬克缸代表了未来。作为一个行业,我们需要一个清晰的监管框架,就像回到 1992 年时的铸铁扬


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