Kelheim Fibres’ Viscose Speciality Fibre VILOFT® receives Lighthouse Award from the Bavarian Environmental Cluster

Shown in the photo are (from left to right):
Marcus Neppl (WILO SE), Richard Hummel, Anke Pelz (Stadtentwässerung Nürnberg), Dr. Stephanie Kauf-Schraml (Schraml GmbH), Matthew North (Kehlheim Fibres GmbH), Mario Hübner (WILO SE), Prof. Reinhard Büchl (Spokesman of the Umweltcluster Bayern).
Photo: Umweltcluster Bayern.

The project “Bio-degradable wet toilet tissue with the viscose speciality fibre VILOFT®” from the Bavarian viscose fibre manufacturer Kelheim Fibres has been awarded the Lighthouse by the Bavarian Environmental Cluster.  Moist toilet tissue made with VILOFT® short cut fibres disintegrates rapidly in the sewage system as a result of the fibres’ special cross section and can therefore be conveniently disposed of via the toilet.  Since VILOFT® fibres consist of 100 % cellulose, such wipes are completely biodegradable and do not pose a threat to either the waste water systems or the environment.  The Lighthouse award is presented annually by the Environmental Cluster of Bavaria to outstanding projects in the field of environmental technology that have already been implemented and that are commercially viable.  “We have been working with solutions for flushable wet wipes for more than ten years. Over this period effective products have been developed and we are proud that our fibres support the waste water management industry and help to protect the environment. Besides the technical solution, one of the big challenges is to increase consumer awareness for this topic – this Lighthouse award is a valuable contribution toward this goal and we are proud of having been selected as a model project!”, says Matthew North, Commercial Director at Kelheim Fibres.

Kelheim Fibres GmbH is the world’s leading producer of viscose speciality fibres and the most important supplier of viscose
fibres for the tampon industry.  Approximately 90,000 tons of viscose fibres are produced and tested every year at Kelheim in South Germany. These are used in most diverse applications – from fas

hion, hygiene and medical products to nonwovens and speciality papers.
Innovative products, flexible technologies and a strong customer orientation form the foundations of the company’s success.

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