iT’s Tissue 2018 Set to Roll

The third iteration of this event
takes place in Italy in late June

With just a few months to go before iT’s Tissue, the network companies behind this unique “made-in-Italy” event have started to reveal what to expect in terms of technology innovations.

iT’s Tissue 2018 will take place June 25-29, in Lucca, Bologna, Lecco and Reggio Emilia. Visitors from at least 70 countries are expected to witness game-changing technology up close and personal from 12 of the leading technology companies in the sector, while enjoying Italy’s renowned hospitality.

Marco Dell’Osso is executive vice president of Tissue Italy, the network behind iT’s Tissue. “The third edition of this unique event is distinguished by the sheer amount of innovation waiting to be witnessed at close quarters by visitors,” he says. “For a global audience, this is a unique opportunity to grasp the technology powering the most advanced solutions in the tissue sector with an eye to the future of our industry. Above all, the networking experience is unparalleled.”

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect from each network member.


A.Celli Paper will show the latest innovations in system solutions for complete turnkey plants, with special attention focused on the new generation of iDEAL® tissue machines and the E-WIND® winders for tissue, flat papers, and cardboard.

A.Celli’s wide-ranging offer is completed by developments dedicated to roll handling and packaging and the range of services offered on the theme of industrial automation: Industry 4.0.

In fact, says A.Celli, the main goal of the new technologies proposed by Industry 4.0 is to manage production optimization for effectiveness and efficiency. These technologies are particularly relevant to reducing waste, rejects, defects, and costs, with the aim of obtaining the best results in terms of innovation, reliability, quality and optimization of investments.

To this end, A.Celli Group has developed and applied a system that integrates all the information received on the entire production cycle.

In addition, in the smart factory developed by A.Celli, data are traced by devices that far exceed the limitations of previous systems.

The entire reel handling and transfer process within the facility, up to the automatic warehouse, also follows the logical process of the plant through automated guided vehicles.

Innovation and digitalization of products and services are the flywheel for companies in pursuit of growth and competitiveness, according to A.Celli.

A.Celli Group is poised to guarantee all this through a strong R&D activity focused on offering leading-edge technological solutions, time after time.

Elettric80 & BEMA

Elettric80 & BEMA, located in the foothills of the Reggio Emilia Apennines, specialize in the implementation of flexible and modular, integrated and automated solutions for companies producing convenience goods, and particularly in the food, beverage, and tissue industries, as well as in diversified sectors, like ceramic and plastic manufacturers.

Particularly in the tissue sector, Elettric80 & BEMA have implemented automated logistics and palletizing systems, ensuring maximum efficiency, flexibility, and safety for both existing plants and greenfield sites in the converting and warehouse areas.

In 2017 the two companies launched SMART BOX: a unique, sturdy, and extremely efficient solution. The aim has been to create, within a 10- x 7-m space, a solution that would perform all the functions requested by the client, introducing modular and robotic-based systems. The SMART BOX components connect products of both companies: palletizer, slave robot, stretch wrapper and robotic labeller.

Elettric80 & BEMA have developed a new solution that is easy to use and maintain and has positive and long-term effects on the entire line of its products.

Fabio Perini

The fourth industrial revolution is being hyped in the tissue industry; concepts like smart manufacturing systems, Big Data analytics, and product “smartification” are so central in the debate that the research and investments tend to concentrate on them.

To take real advantage of this opportunity, the development of the right competencies is necessary. New processes and new technology must be considered. Transforming Industry 4.0 into a real revolution is only possible if the change starts from the basics: not general enabling technology, but rather machines intrinsically designed as capable to provide useful information.

The Digital Tissue™ project aims to empower Fabio Perini’s customers, creating a network of interconnected factories where automation and data will be the key for success. Fabio Perini wants to create a new culture in the tissue industry, leading customers into the creation of intelligent, efficient Smart Factories inspired by its innovative vision.

Digital Tissue™ is Fabio Perini’s solution to implement machines, applications, and services strictly connected and designed to be the three foundational pillars to build a Smart Factory.

It is the birth of a new concept for the tissue industry.


Futura sees its role in the market as pushing the technological boundaries in consumer and professional tissue markets worldwide, while providing innovative services representing a focused new approach.

Futura’s participation in iT’s Tissue centers around two distinct elements: the new service portfolio and FuturaLab, with its full-size, operating converting line—which is possibly unique in the world of tissue converting. The line has been built specifically for research and development and the testing of concepts destined for the market as soon as they are proven.

While not all new technologies to be demonstrated during iT’s Tissue can be revealed yet, an important part of Futura’s innovation activity is the development of converting solutions that are part of an integrated, Industry 4.0 tissue production process. The ambition remains to produce a better roll more efficiently. What is changing is that to achieve this depends not only on all the adjustments and refinements possible on a converting line, but on gathering data and using that in a smart way to optimize the lines.

A snapshot of innovations to be presented at iT’s Tissue includes: a unique automatic reel handling and processing system that is safer, more effective, and less dependent on manpower; a new embossing configuration concept for extreme definition to preserve and emphasise bulk; advanced dust control, which minimizes downtime and therefore maximizes overall equipment effectiveness (OEE); rewinding that breaks new ground; and leadership in Industry 4.0 integration.


Gambini introduces the suggestive “back to the tissue future” concept, which involves the tissue converting line making happen “after” what usually happens “before.”

Thanks to the exceptional nature of the new AirMill technology, Gambini brings a part of the paper mill process directly into the converting line, providing for the tissue base sheet characteristics that previously could only be obtained on the paper machine. AirMill improves paper quality in terms of bulk, strength, softness, absorbency, and stability, while optimizing the flexibility and performance of the converting line.

AirMill represents the first step of a revolutionary journey “back to the tissue future” that can be witnessed by joining Gambini at its Open House event during iT’s Tissue 2018.


MTC consolidates the technical leadership it has reached over the years among machinery producers for the tissue converting industry.

The range of machines, optimized in terms of speed and safety through the use of new technologies, includes fully automatic lines for the production of hand towels with various kinds of fold (V, W, and Z fold), fully automatic interfolding lines for the V-folded facial tissue products, complete automatic lines for napkin production in bulk or flat configuration, and the innovative REVO interfolders where single-folded and multi- folded products are both obtained by using a single paper feed.

Customer satisfaction is the principal aim of MTC, which has improved its range of products with the new FFW300 packaging machine projected to guarantee elevated production and characterized by increased flexibility. The machine runs at a constant speed and the packaging, with plastic film, is regulated according to the height of the package and dimensions of the napkin directly from the operator via the control panel.

MTC, in constant communication with the customer, can find shared and turnkey solutions and technologically up-to-date products, top rated in terms of quality and tailor made for each individual customer.


OMET is working on a wide range of innovations to show both at its open house in its Lecco factory and in a showroom in Lucca. Foremost will be the new model of Chameleon, the digital printing unit for napkins.

The request for customized product has become more important in the tissue market in the last few years. The possibility of printing customized napkins with any possible subject and without additional costs and downtime, especially with short runs, opens a new era for napkins. This ‘direct-print’ system eliminates changeover time and costs and gives free access to creativity and innovation, enabling limitless images.

For any napkin converter, this is a real-life change in terms of just-in-time deliveries and customization, conferring a unique value to the final product, transforming it into an advertising vehicle or souvenir, for example.

CHAMELEONbyOMET digital inkjet printing unit, already installed on several machines, can create something new every time it’s needed, allowing market leadership and differentiation of production from its competition.

The system is intuitive: a PC installed on the side of the machine receives the document graphics and processes them according to the parameters chosen by the operator. The producer only needs the PDF file with the images to be printed and the job is ready to go. CHAMELEONbyOMET can be installed in-line on OMET TV503 and can print at a maximum speed of 200 m/min. (656 ft/min).

Apart from this, OMET will introduce a new line for interfolded products, the ASV line, and show several innovations for TV840 and TV503 napkins converting lines.


PCMC, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of tissue converting machinery, has some surprises ready for June 2018.

The only company with production facilities in Europe and the US, PCMC has more than 1,000 people catering to the minutest detail in customer relationships. During iT’s Tissue 2018, PCMC will feature an exclusive world preview of the concept of Carevolution.

Sustainability, innovation, evolution, and care—these are the company’s benchmarks summed up in a new term: Carevolution—We’ve got the real tissue solution.

PCMC’s open house features technology that is always focused on continuous evolution and, above all, the finished product. There will also be a new roll that after attentive research has finally become a reality and that unites all the inimitable characteristics of made-in-Italy technology created by PCMC.

In addition, PCMC’s new Carevolution has also applied the same innovation and sustainability criteria to packaging, and during the iT’s Tissue open house, a new concept of primary and secondary packaging will be on demonstration. It will be something unique in the world of consumer rolls.

Pulsar Engineering

Pulsar Engineering’s continuous research for product and process innovation supports customers with even smarter solutions to face the constant changing needs of the industry. The Quatis family and the last developed bag-filler machine for industrial rolls represent the exact fulfilment of this aim.

QUATIS is the quality inspection machine able to check 100 percent of the production to identify non-compliant products and discard them. Its technologically advanced systems provide upstream machines with the necessary information to meet the required quality standards and inform operators of the necessary adjustments. This innovative technology relies on powerful vision systems and complex algorithms for image analysis that allows the inspection of each product according to present parameters and single user requirements. Besides the well-known Quatis for rolls and packs, iT’s Tissue will be the occasion to officially introduce new quality inspection machines developed for other product ranges.

The new MBF 20W represents a unique bag filler machine for the industry, capable of filling and closing pre-formed bags of industrial rolls up to 12 counts. The machine can fill and seal rolls with different formats and dimensions. It has been developed within a series of bag filler units, according to specific customer needs.


The union between functional technology and “artisan” knowhow: This is what makes Recard—a Lucca-based company specialized in the customized design and production of machines and plants for tissue paper—unique. Recard believes that innovation, the fruit of constant research and experimentation, is the basis and consistent goal to remain competitive on international markets. This philosophy has become a point of strength and the starting point since 1962 for building machines that offer increasing quality and efficiency guarantees.

In recent years, Recard has focused on developing projects to install tissue machines easily and economically with particular attention to energy performance, both as far as the cost aspect and environmental sustainability are concerned. The experience gained with the production and installation of more than 130 tissue machines throughout the five continents has allowed studying, testing, and attaining innovative solutions particularly in energy savings. The machines conceived with these new systems will be the focus of the open house during the 2018 edition of iT’s Tissue.


A global market leader in the design and production of primary and secondary packaging in the fields of tissue and nonwovens, TMC has 20 years of experience and a strong propensity for progress that assures customers efficient solutions and sustainable value over time.

TMC knows the new demands of Industry 4.0 and the importance of reading and interpreting the processes and key indicators of production.

This is why it has developed the DNA MAP (Machine Analytics Platform), which takes rough data and simplifies the results in relevant and valuable information. The information arrives at the TMC iCenter that assesses machine performance and proposes custom solutions to reduce costs and increase overall efficiency.

This is a further step ahead in smart manufacturing that integrates new production technologies to improve processes and enhance system efficiency.


Toscotec is an innovative company making rapid progress. Earlier this year it was highlighted by The London Stock Exchange as one of the 1,000 most promising companies in Europe.

By anticipating the evolving needs of a global market, Toscotec can guarantee technological solutions for the tissue and paper industry—from complete production lines to rebuilds, from retrofit to the production of single components.

For Toscotec, iT’s Tissue 2018 represents an opportunity to confirm its positioning and offer visitors a complete experience in today’s reality with an insight into what will be tomorrow’s innovations.

Toscotec’s R&D department will present the latest developments of through air drying (TAD) technology, new developments in the TADVision™ concept, and the latest and most innovative customized solutions for energy saving in conventional machines.

The new Toscotec service division—YES (Your Expert Service)—will present its new services and will launch the new H24.

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