The Building Boom Continues


It seems not a day has gone by recently without a new tissue project being announced, and it spans the globe, from Europe to Asia to Africa to North and South America.

As I write this, I am reading about Canadian-based Irving Consumer Products making a move into the heart of Dixie with a new $400-million plant and TAD machine to be installed in Georgia for a 2019 startup.

The Navigator Company, formerly Portucel Soporcel, will install a new Voith machine at the Cacia mill in Portugal with startup scheduled for next year.

Some recent projects have already been completed and you can hear about them at Tissue2017 in Miami October 3-6. See elsewhere in this issue for full details about the program, registration, and accommodation. This is the first joint effort between RISI and TAPPI and brings together the technical and business sides of the sector.

One of these projects is Universal Paper in South Africa. Jonathan Sher, one of the principals of Universal Paper Manufacturers, will discuss this greenfield tissue mill project and the growing market in that part of the world.

From Argentina, Maximio Gagliardi, president, Papelera San Andrés de Giles, will detail his company’s recent work and the market outlook in South America.

Sahil Tak, vice president of ST Tissue, featured in these pages last issue, will talk about the prospects of the smaller companies entering the sector and trends in the Away from Home (AfH) market that ST Tissue serves.

This is but a small sampling of the information available in Miami. Check out the full program in this issue on pages 36-39.

On the topic of conferences, look for the early preview of It’s Tissue, the Italian event that comes around June 25-29, 2018, in Lucca in beautiful Tuscany. Twelve partners, some of whom are competitors, organize a conference with a real difference. Participants travel around the region visiting the facilities of the partners and see commercial-scale equipment being made or tested. Delegates from at least 70 countries are expected at this, the third iteration, of the event.


During the huge Tissue World conference, held in Milan earlier this year, I had the opportunity to speak with Stefano Di Santo, CEO of Fabio Perini. We discussed the increasing interplay between suppliers, producers and customers. As the old story says: No man is an island.

The customers and the customers’ customers are ever more knowledgeable about what they want and they will seldom settle for less. It’s why the tissue sector is so different and why some, notably the bigger brand name tissue product makers, see themselves not as part of the mainstream forest products industry, but as part of the rapidly moving (and changing) consumer goods sector.

But, as Di Stefano exclaimed, “We live on that.” Suppliers seem to be eager to meet the challenge of the market as that helps to ensure their competitiveness and future.

Andritz has just completed the building of a new pilot plant in Graz, Austria. The facility houses a pilot machine that can have eight configurations for producing tissue.

The full interview with Di Stefano as well as a detailed look at the new Graz facility can also be found in
this issue.

And for those with a technical bent, there is a comprehensive article about yankee dryer shell thickness measurement techniques as well as a feature describing a novel method to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from a tissue machine.

At press time, the new Cascades converting center in Scappoose, OR, had just opened. Next issue, we’ll have a full feature devoted to the new facility and Cascades’ development plans as it heads west.

I hope to see you in Miami in October.

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